Our Professionals

Only AudigyCertified™ practices have access to AGX® Hearing technology — always the most advanced and effective technology available.

But great technology is just the beginning for us. Understanding the way you live, your personal hearing needs, and the better-hearing goals you have for yourself helps us craft a more personalized and comprehensive hearing solution than anyone else can offer.

Jeff Berg, Au.D.

Jeff specializes in advanced diagnostic hearing testing, diagnostic hearing evaluations, pediatrics and testing of children, and hearing aids.

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Craig Berg, Au.D.

Dr. Berg earned his doctorate in audiology from the University of Utah, where he specialized in advanced diagnostic testing and modern hearing device technologies.

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Cristin Dugan, Au.D.

Between her undergraduate and graduate degrees, she worked in telecommunications as well as with kids, both as a nanny and in childcare.

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C. Stacey Berg, M.S.

Stacey specializes in diagnostics, industrial testing, hearing sids, and hearing conservation. He is now on our advisory board.

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Michelle Zechello

Winner of the Outstanding First Impression Award, she’s a valued member of our team and an essential element to our patients’ positive experience.

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Megan Tangeman

Megan is experienced in the health and wellness aspects of the medical field, having been a licensed massage therapist (LMT) for over six years at several spas and chiropractic offices.

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I’m a doctor of audiology student nearing my final year and was graciously given the opportunity to work as an intern at Audiology Associates of Southern Oregon for the last five weeks.

I quickly learned that Stacey Berg, M.S., Dr. Jeff Berg Au.D, and Dr. Sam Peterson Au.D are truly committed to helping their friends and neighbors in Grants Pass, Medford, and the surrounding areas achieve better hearing. I was impressed to find out that they, not only give 110% of themselves towards helping their patients, but also donate a significant amount of their time and resources towards serving the community, the needy, and the local Lion’s Club because they truly care about people and their home town.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with many different audiologists and dispensers and honestly feel that this father and son duo, plus Dr. Peterson and their amazing administration staff are some of the kindest, most generous, and compassionate people that I have ever worked with – There’s no wonder why they have been loved in the community for more than 30 years.

Not only are they committed to each of their patients, they also are some of the best and most experienced audiologists out there. They are committed to staying on top of the newest technology and providing expert advice and care. When you become a patient, they never charge for any follow-up care or visits and will keep your hearing aids running in prime condition. When you walk into their clinic, you are always greeted by their friendly staff and can know that you and your loved ones will be taken care of and treated like family.

Thanks Stacey, Jeff, Sam, Linda, Michelle, and Jeannine!”

—Mathew Lingmann